Meeting Room Policy

  1. The library offers its facilities for programs and meetings of community groups as space is available.
  2. All groups who wish to use the library facilities must contact the Library Director with the specifications for time, regularity, and organization of meetings.
  3. All groups who use the library facilities must follow these rules:
  • All groups must bring their own equipment, refreshments, paper towels, utensils and anything else necessary.
  • All groups must bring equipment for clean-up after programs and meetings, especially when food is served.
  • No group is to use the library work areas, or move library materials.  No one may remove or check out library materials unless it is during library open hours and staff is available to help them.
  • The room should be left as it was found.  All furniture should be returned to its original location if moved.
  • If the library is open, make sure not to block the nonfiction section so that patrons and staff can still access books.  Patrons and staff may need to enter the room during the meeting.
  • All groups must have permission to adjust the thermostat and be shown how.
  • Any group remaining in the building after the staff has left is responsible for locking all exit doors and shutting off lights.
  • Meeting groups must remove their own trash.
  • If these rules are not followed, groups may be denied further use of the meeting room.