Friends of the Library

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Here are our book donation guidelines. If you have a large donation of books, please contact us first!! We have limited storage space and may not be able to accept your donations. Also, PLEASE do not donate books that do not meet our guidelines. It is a huge burden on us to get rid of books we cannot sell.

Book Donation Guidelines

The Hatfield Public Library accepts donated materials that are in good condition. Most items are given to the Friends of the Library for their twice-yearly book sales.

Good condition means:

• Clean
• Unmarked
• Books that have been stored in a dry location (no basement storage, please)
• Covers intact and in good condition
• No broken binding or torn pages
• No water damaged or moldy items

We do not accept the following items:

• Videocassettes
• Textbooks
• Readers Digest Condensed Books
• Encyclopedias
• Travel books older than 3 years
• Health books older than 5 years
• Magazines
• Multi-volume sets

We are not able to easily dispose of the above items. If they are mixed in with a donation, we will need to call you to retrieve the items. Please leave your name and phone number with any donations.