Circulation Policy

 In order to facilitate the equitable and efficient circulation of materials, the Hatfield Public Library has established the following circulation policy:

 Library Cards

 Any Massachusetts resident is eligible for a library card by providing proof of name and current address, and a photo I.D.  Acceptable identification includes, but is not limited to, a driver’s license, current check, utility bill, or a piece of postmarked mail.  If no photo I.D. is available, 2 other forms of identification will be accepted.

A parent or guardian signature is required on the application for a child under age 18.  The parent   or guardian will be responsible for any charges incurred in the use of this card (ie. replacement costs for lost materials).

Anyone with a library card in good standing may use any materials in the Hatfield Public Library.  Parents or guardians who wish to deny their children access to certain materials must assume that responsibility themselves.  .

Borrowing Guidelines

 The borrower assumes full responsibility for any items borrowed on his/her library card. This responsibility extends to paying replacement costs for items lost or damaged.  Borrowing privileges may be suspended for failure to return, replace or pay for lost or damaged items. By signing the application form, the borrower agrees to:  comply with library rules and regulations; accept responsibility for any loss or damage to materials; and provide notice of change of address.  Each patron should use his/her own library card when checking out materials, although children may borrow items on a parent’s card.  Any other special circumstances should be brought to the attention of the Library Director for review.

Borrowing records of individual patrons are confidential.  Information about materials borrowed by minors may be shared with the parent or legal guardian if those items achieve a status of overdue.

Hatfield Public Library honors all cards from certified libraries in the C/W MARS network as long as the patron is in good standing.

Patrons may be blocked from checking out items when they:

  • Owe more than $10.00 in fines.
  • Have billed material.
  • Have 50 or more items currently checked out.

Patrons are limited to borrowing no more than:

  • 10 DVDs
  • 5 “new” DVDs
  • 20 CDs
  • 20 Audio books

Also, the maximum number of holds a patron may have on their record at one time is 10.

Loan Periods

Hatfield items circulate for the following loan periods:

Movies                              1 week

Magazines                         1 week

Audiobooks                       3 weeks

Museum passes                 2 days

All other items                  3 weeks

Reference books and items from the Local History Collection do not circulate.

A new item may be renewed once if there is no waiting list.  All other items may be renewed twice.  Items may be renewed over the telephone by providing the item’s barcode or the patron’s library card barcode.

Replacement Costs and Fees

The Hatfield Public Library does not charge fines for late items.  Items requested through inter-library-loan may incur fines according to the owning library’s policies.

In the case of lost or damaged materials, borrowers are responsible for replacement fee as determined by the Library Director or the default sum in the item record (See Appendix A).

In some cases, replacement of an item with a new copy is acceptable, upon agreement with the Library Director.

When an item has been overdue for four weeks, a phone call will be made to the borrower followed by a  notice  stating replacement costs for the item.

 Museum Passes

 The Hatfield Public Library provides a variety of local museum  passes at no charge to the patron.  These passes circulate for two days.  If the due date is a day the Library is closed, the passes are due back on the next day of scheduled open hours following the due date.  A patron may borrow only one pass at a time.  Passes may not be renewed.  Patrons are responsible for the replacement cost (if any) of a lost museum pass.

ILL and Reserves

Patrons may request an item online through the library catalog or put in a request with a staff member.  They will be notified by email or telephone.  Items will be kept on the hold shelf for seven days.  Items not picked up will be put back into circulation.

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