Next Book Club Meeting!

It’s official – we’re starting a book club at the Hatfield Public Library.  We plan to meet the fourth Wednesday of each month, but due to special circumstances we are going to meet the third Wednesday in August, otherwise known as . . .

Wednesday, August 24th

We will meet at 6:30 in the basement of the Library.  Because this date gives folks only a few weeks to read the book, we’ve chosen a short one.

Ann Patchett has been making news with her newest novel, State of Wonder, and her recent decision to open a book store.  We’ve decided to read What Now?, a slightly lesser known work which contains reflections on life and the many paths it can take.  We will also be choosing books to read in upcoming months so feel free to bring suggestions!  Copies of What Now? will be available to pick up at the circulation desk of the library, but if there is not one available when you come in we will request one under your name.  And seriously, this is a quick read so don’t be daunted – grab a copy and join us on the 24th!


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